Downloading Movies onto Your PSP

Have you got a PSP and can’t force yourself to pay the over the top shop costs for the UMD solar movie.

At that point for what reason don’t you download movies or convert DVD movies and view them on you PSP.

Here is the way to do it. Pursue proposals simple advances and you could be watching movies on your PSP in a brief span.

On the off chance that you need to change over a DVD, do the accompanying:

  1. Convert the DVD movie utilizing a psp video converter which will give you a chance to tear and change over video documents with the goal that they can be seen on your PSP.
  1. Put your DVD in your PC and begin the PSP video converter programming. Select the concentrate and encode choice guaranteeing the configuration is set to PSP.

Or on the other hand…

you can download movies in the right configuration from one of numerous PSP download destinations.

When you have the movie in the right configuration:

Download the changed over record to your PSP by interfacing the PC to the PSP by means of the USB link.

You will at that point see the memory stick in the PSP as another drive on your PC.

The PSP has various catalogs on its memory stick for putting away music, diversions and so on under the PSP envelope. Anyway there is no movies sub-registry.

movies should be put away in a registry called MP_ROOT100MNV01. This is a verifiable naming tradition dependent on the Sony Clie item. Most video change items will deal with the name tradition and envelope areas for you.

It’s just as simple as that. Your movie is presently prepared to watch at a small amount of the expense of an UMD movie.